Marcelino Rivera the Third accused long time Franklin resident and political blogger of theft of the City of Frankin’s logo. Saying his writing about city business is breaking the code of conduct and the city should prosecute him. This gives you an idea of how Rivera (a candidate for Alderman) plans on attempting to use his office to go after people who could disagree with him if 5th District voters elect him.

Rivera persistently portrays himself as a victim ever since he has taken up the single cause of opposing the expansion plans of the Straus Meat Production plant in Franklin.

In addition, Rivera accuses city commission members of plotting in back rooms against him and his Political Special Interest group he founded.

Kevin Fischer (This Just In) has apologized in a certified email to the City of Franklin, The Mayor and the City Clerk for stealing the logo on his blog and has agreed to return it before the city prosecutes him as Rivera has demanded.

You can read about this on Fischer’s posting The case of the missing city of Franklin logo has been solved!

Stolen Logo
This Logo is currently being transported via armored truck back to City Hall